Presentation Tips

“A Well-made PR Presentation doesn’t stack up against ten promotional materials.”


We are living in a ‘self PR Age’ where we have to continue to think and care about ‘how to show and appeal oneself’.

Many workers hand out their business card in order to identify themselves. Companies build it’s images towards business partners through Company Introduction or Company Profile.
Especially, an introduction of a company during a ‘Proposal Presentation’ is an important first impression that helps you gain trust from audiences.

‘PR Presentation’ that aims to promote overall activities of a company includes ‘Company Introduction’ – a business card of a company, ‘Production Introduction’ with a company’s identity, and etc.

Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you upgrade your ‘PR Presentation- a key source and basis of revenue generation’ to ‘a Promotional Presentation’.


■ PR Presentation



‘PR Presentation’ is usually prepared for a PR purpose. Therefore there is always a target whom you want to promote towards.
Does this sound so obvious? It’s important as it sounds obvious, and it’s something that you must remember in ‘PR Presentations.

Presenters must keep thinking of the PR target from the very starting point of planning your ‘PR presentation’ till the end of your presentation.
Presenters must clarity the target of your PR presentation to audiences, and must do so in a kind way.


# Tip[1] ‘A long explanation’ doesn’t mean ‘kindness’!


We must define the meaning of ‘kindness’ here first. We are saying ‘Kind Presentation’ in terms of informing audiences of what they would be curious of, not providing long and flowery language.
If you are introducing the current state of a company’s board of directors, it’s effective to introduce directors by emphasizing key carriers instead of explaining detailed profile of each members.


# Tip[2] ‘Company Introduction’ and ‘Product Introduction’ Presentation is different!


As mentioned previously, presenters must remember the target of their PR presentation.
The PR target of ‘Company Introduction Presentation’ is ‘Company’, and the PR target of ‘Product Introduction Presentation’ is ‘Product’.
If a company introduction presentation has 5:5 portion of company introduction and product introduction respectively, a ‘Product Introduction Presentation’ must contain 2:8 portion of company introduction and product introduction respectively.


# Tip[3] Promoting ‘Advantages’ will be profitable, but ‘groundless advantages’ will become a poison.’!


What would be the best way to make audiences take ‘advantages’ as ‘advantages?
The key is in providing basis.
You must suggest a clear and detailed basis that your audiences can accept and understand logically.
For example, if a presenter says “a Product created based on the technology that only we have”, the presenter must provide base data such as certificate of patent, technology research papers and etc. in order to convince your audience.


# 4 Principles of PR Presentations


① Must emphasize the advantage of the target you are going to PR.

② Use colors and keywords that brings up the image of the target of PR repetitively

③ Prove advantages with objective facts.

④ Clearly propose the benefit that audiences will gain.