About becoming an Author

About Good Pello Author

  • Good Pello Author is an individual or a corporate that sells their digital contents using Good Pello’s platform and services.
  • All Authors registered on Good Pello will sell their items on non-exclusive basis.
  • Selling items on non-exclusive basis means that the authors have the option of selling their items elsewhere.
  • All Authors will be provided with features to register and manage contents, payout earnings and etc. Authors will earn fixed % of the total sales amount made on Good Pello.

Benefits of becoming a professional Good Pello Author

  • Author can not only make earnings through wide sales channels via global services but also increase the value of one’s own contents.
  • Author can efficiently manage products and sales, and withdraw earnings transparently and accurately via our management system on site.
  • Our differentiated concept from other sites and professionalism will certainly support you to make great earnings.
  • You don’t have to be a business owner. Any individuals can apply for Author.
  • As you continue to create and upload more contents on Good Pello, you will experience your earnings increasing geometrically.
  • All fees for processing payments during sales are covered by us.

Author Registration Procedures

  • 01
    Submit Application for
    Author Registration
  • 02
    Good Pello Reviews
    the Application
  • 03
    Good Pello makes decision
    on the approval
  • 04
    Sign Author Agreement
    by agreeing to the
    Author Terms
  • 05
    Author’s Administration
    page is created
  • 06
    Author Registers
  • 07
    Good Pello approves
    contents for sale
  • 08
    Start Selling

Good Pello Author Payouts

  • Good Pello provides two different services: Subscription Services and non-subscription services. All authors’ contents will only be available for sale in the non-subscription shop of the Good Pello site. All authors will receive 60% of the total sales amount as an earning.

Must-Knows about being an Author

  • Authors can only upload self-created contents or contents which Intellectual Property Rights is owned by the author. Being an author, you shall be solely responsible for your content and the consequences of posting, or publishing it. Good Pello shall not be liable for any damages arising due to any Intellectual Property Rights including copyright and portrait rights of the author’s registered contents.

*Inquiries about Authors

Email : master@goodpello.com