Presentation Tips

Principles of IR Presentation


Company introduction, promotion of products, reports, investment proposal(IR), training, seminar and more – Presentations are one of the must-have things for companies!
Presentation type varies depending on the target, purpose and audiences. And, the main types of presentations are as follows;


[PR Presentation]

: Promotional Presentations that contains purposes of company introduction, products introduction, PR and events and distribution.


[Proposal Presentation]

: Proposal Presentations targeting investors- Bidding, Business Seminar, IR and etc.


[Report Presentation]

: Presentations with a purpose of reporting – Progress Report, market status, performance, business reports and etc.


[Training Presentation]

: Training Presentations with a purpose of delivering information – training/education, class materials, seminar materials, exhibition and etc.


There are various types of presentations covering from ‘PR Presentation’ that aims to introduce companies and ‘Report Presentations’ that you must have made at least for once if you are an office worker to ‘proposal presentations’ that are very important but you cannot even conceive the idea of preparing.


Among these presentations, ‘proposal presentation’ is one of the hardest and complex presentations. Would there be a way to make the presentation in more convincing and easy way?


■ IR Presentations


The main purpose of ‘Proposal type presentations’, for investment proposals or consignment proposals and winning projects, is ‘convincing’ audiences for attraction of investment along with company introduction.
Ultimately, the final purpose is to ‘derive an agreement(investment)’, so you have to construct your presentation in more logical way in order to convince audiences.


[The Fundamentals of IR Presentation] – 7 principles


① Clear purpose and logical construction is the KEY.

② Must emphasize the strengths of proposing company.

③ Future-oriented and technology-oriented design rather than present-oriented design.

④ Prove objective facts and products’ superiority.

⑤ Use cool colors rather than warm colors.
(Blue tone colors are defiant and gives psychological stability and faith – the most preferred color among companies.)

⑥ Must emphasize on the ‘benefits for audiences’.

⑦ Materialize implementation plans for proposal purposes. (Judge the ‘possibility of implementation’ fully and propose)


[The Key of IR Presentation] – Logical Structure


What would be the ‘major interests of investors’ during proposal presentations? Of course it’s the ‘benefit and profit of investors’.
However, if the presenter only speaks of proposals that attracts investment and not propose the benefits and profits that returns to investors at all, who would invest on the company?

Therefore, we need a logical structure that clearly, logically and rationally propose investor’s interests – strength of the company, future, core technology, manpower, executive ability, network, expenses and etc.


# Presentation – Principles or Logicality


① Various and clear basis is a must-have.


② Must propose specific basis.


③ Must propose detailed/specific plans and data


④ Double check if your proposal contains 3Cs.
: Clear, Concise, Convincing