Conference Presentation Template Wide

About Conference Presentation Template Wide

This ‘Conference PPT Template Wide’ is designed aiming at presentations with business related topics.
This wide (16:9) size template will harmonize well with display environment of the latest devices, and will be appropriate for giving stylish presentations.
Using this presentation template, you can clearly emphasize the key points with layouts of patterned point colors and images related to meetings and work.
Not only the cover page, but also the inner slides are designed with visual elements satisfying the overall design concepts. You will find the diagrams, graphs, text boxes, maps and etc. very useful.
With a single download of this template, you will get the template in three different colors. Choose the color that best fits your needs.
If you prepare a presentation considering the theme and environment of the presentation, your presentation will be acknowledged for professionalism.

What’s included in Conference Presentation Template Wide

– Cover slide, table of contents, section dividing slide, ending slide
– Graphs, map, diagrams, photo images, icons

Recommended Font

– Exo 2 (Download link:
* The template is designed using the recommended fonts, and you can download the font from the link above. The font is not included in the template file.
* The template may appear different from the thumbnail image if you open the PPT file without the font installed on your PC.


PowerPoint Version: Optimized for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later version
Easy to Edit: Shapes and colors of all diagrams including graphs in the template are editable.


All photo images shown in the product preview images are included in the template.
(However, using the images beyond the PPTX document provided by Good Pello is strictly forbidden by the law.)