Idea PPT Template

About Idea PPT Template

This ‘Idea PPT Template’ is a PowerPoint presentation template created based on the theme of ‘ideas’ and designed to fit 4:3 standard size.
High quality images appropriate for effective delivery of information are used to upgrade the overall quality of the presentation and users can deliver their information and messages in more impact way.
Are you interested in making your presentation the most standing out and attractive one than anyone else’s? This template will help your wishes come true! – download this template and customize to fulfill your needs.

What’s included in Idea PPT Template Wide

– Cover slide, table of contents, section dividing slide, ending slide
– Graphs, map, diagrams, photo images, icons

Recommended Font

– Exo 2 (Download link:
* The template is designed using the recommended fonts, and you can download the font from the link above. The font is not included in the template file.
* The template may appear different from the thumbnail image if you open the PPT file without the font installed on your PC.


PowerPoint Version: Optimized for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later version
Easy to Edit: Shapes and colors of all diagrams including graphs in the template are editable.


All photo images shown in the product preview images are included in the template.
(However, using the images beyond the PPTX document provided by Good Pello is strictly forbidden by the law.)