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Interview Presentation Strategy


Job interview style is changing and we are seeing more and more cases of Interview Presentations these days.
There were many cases where companies requested resume in ‘presentation material’, but it was very rare to have interview as a presentation.

But recently the number of companies carrying out ‘interview presentation’ is increasing.
According to a research data on job interview method toward 500 companies, 31% of the companies answered that they are adopting interview presentation.


[Employment Strategy] Present Yourself during a Job Interview!

There are many different ways of job interviews. and the portion of ‘Interview Presentation’ is increasing particularly. What would the be reason?
If you know the reason, you can prepare for the job interview that the company expects.

① [Interview Presentation] Purpose

‘Interview Presentation’ is the best way to evaluate the ability of the interviewee during the short period of time.
Interview presentation is usually required to evaluate the ‘job competency’, but in overall the purpose is to check and evaluate the interviewee’s creativeness, knowledge in the industry, problem solving ability, strategic thinking, logical thinking, competence and etc.

② [Interview Presentation] How to

Specific ‘topics’ are given and interviewee will get to choose one topic and prepare to present. Usually the time given for preparation is 20~40 minutes and the time allowed for presentation is 10 minutes.
This is how most of the companies run their interview presentation.

③ [Interview Presentation] Interview Topic

Presentation topics will vary depending on the characteristics of companies. But, the topic for Interview Presentation is most likely to be either expertise in the major field, duty in the filed of business applied, business strategy and market analysis or knowledge or issues related to ‘company’s business environment’.

④ [Interview Presentation] Preparation

There are already lots of information out there about success strategies for presentations.
And, if you are an adult, you probably have experienced giving presentations at least once.

Success strategy for ‘Interview Presentation’ is not much different.
The only difference is that you need to prepare in advance for the ‘interview topics’ that are released on the interview day.

■ Preparation for Interview Topics

① Have a clear understanding on the current issues related to the company.
② Acquire information and knowledge about the up-to-date technology in the applied filed.
③ Practice data analysis, problem solving, logical expression on one topic.
④ Habituate checking related articles and magazines such as technical journals and economic journals.
⑤ Continue to practice schematizing gathered information and issues.

‘Preparing for the Interview topic’ is important, but remember that presentation contents are the only thing being evaluated – you will be evaluated based on the overall performance.

⑤ [Interview Presentation] Success Strategy

What would be the conditions of the successful presentation that companies want?
Here are some answers to the question according to the research asking for “the conditions of successful presentation”.

■ Tips for Interview Presentation Site

– It’s important to make the topic and contents yours.
– The key messages for the topic should be simple and clear.
– Practice posture in advance (looks on face, voice tone, eye contact, gesture and etc.)
– Even though you make a mistake, make sure that you finish in confidence.
– Interviewers are not looking for ONLY the correct answers.
(They will evaluate you based on creativeness, problem solving ability, thinking ability, knowledge in the specific field, confidence and etc.)