Presentation Tips

Attitude Required for a Presenter ②



A presenter came out and said hello to audiences with a great big smile, and finally the opening of presentation started.
An eye-catching opening visual material is all prepared for this presentation.

But, the presenter started presenting with a ‘timid voice’ and audiences start losing patience; they can barely hear what the presenter is saying and become very sensitive trying to pay attention.
And, they will give up on the presentation and start to get distracted by other thoughts when they find it hardly improved.

Attitude Required for a Presenter ②


 How to make voice with prestige and faith

Actually it’s a lot simpler to solve this kind of problem than you think- Speak Out!
Then, how can you speak out?
If you ask a presenter with a timid voice to “speak out”, most of people try to speak out by giving force on the throat.
This may work for that time, but it’s very inefficient way and a shortcut to harming your vocal cords.
In addition, audiences will appeal a sense of fatigue as time passes.

The best way to speak out efficiently is ‘vocalization using abdominal breathing.’


 Vocalization based on Abdominal Breathing.

Speaking with vocalization using abdominal breathing will help presenters to speak better and audiences to listen comfortably.
This will make your voice ‘stable and powerful’.
In another word, you can make sound more efficiently minimizing the use of unnecessary energy to speak out.

The movie ‘The Iron Lady’ is a story of Margaret Hilda Thatcher- the first lady prime minister in England.
In this movie, she was persecuted by men politicians during her early years just because she is a lady. And one of the reasons was her voice is loud and husky.

It could have been because of her gender since there weren’t that many lady politicians back then, but her voice in the movie was actually husky.
But her voice started to change as she received help from a professional voice trainer.

She kept on practicing vocalization and finally ended up getting a strong voice full of faith and power.
She had found a way to make sound from abdominal.

Now, let’s talk about Abdominal Breathing- the must go through stage for making good voice.


 Directions for Abdominal Breathing


1) Stand and straighten shoulders and relax.
2) Place hands on your stomach and breathe in. It’s good to breathing in with your nose.
3) When you breathe in, try to send as much of breath to your stomach. Make sure that shoulder and chest are not tightened or moved, and your stomach must stretch out naturally.
4) When enough breath is sent to your stomach, stop and hold the breath for 3 seconds.
5) Leave your shoulder still and breathe out slowly. Do this through your mouth.
6) If you are having a hard time relaxing your shoulders trying from step 1 to 5, try it laying out on the floor – you will find this much easier.

If you continue to practice this for 20~30 min. per a day, you will get used to abdominal breathing.
It will vary between persons, but in general approx. 1~2 week of practice will be enough.


 What you must remember to speak out during presentation


– Voice at a presentation site must not be too loud or too soft. It must be an appropriate volume for the presentation site.
You have to speak loud enough for people sitting in the very back can hear.

– Think of your voice as an arrowhead. An arrowhead must spread out.
In another word, speak out as if you are shooting an arrow towards audiences.

– Open your mouth wide and make sound.
You need to make sound with your mouth open wide enough to bring your sound out-not keep it inside.